Serendipity Earrings

Serendipity Earrings

Jamison Rae

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Slender tear drop shapes are handmade and suspended from hand forged ear wires.
Appx. 2.75″ in length

What does Gold Filled mean?

  • With gold-filled, a minimum 5% (by weight) layer of solid 14k gold is heat-bonded (like soldering) to brass. So, unlike plating, the gold is physically and permanently attached to the base. It’s a MUCH thicker layer of 14k gold that won’t rub off or chip (about 400 times more gold than is used in plating). You get the look and feel of solid 14k gold but without the extreme cost. And, unlike plating, it makes items you can wear day after day without them turning into something you don’t recognize. 
About Jamison Rae:
  • Jamison is a unique and creative designer living in Boise, ID. Every item is made from scratch, soldered and hand-forged. We are proud to be able to share little piece of Jamison with you. 

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